July 10th-12th @ Camp Casey Retreat Center on Whidbey Island. Email Coach Troy by May 31st if interested. We only have room for 50 athletes to attend so sign up soon! You must be signed up for Summer XC to attend camp. 


EHS has a summer sports season. To participate in summer training for XC you must be signed up thru FinalForms (https://ehs.lwsd.org/athletics). Summer XC will be fun, team focused, and important to get ready for the fall season, with lots of great training runs and strength training with your teammates. Even if you cannot make every Summer XC practice, you still need to sign up to participate. Note: Summer XC sign up is not required to do Fall XC.


  • May 2nd – FinalForms opens for Summer XC 2023 sign ups. Sign ups close June 20th.  https://ehs.lwsd.org/athletics/summer-athletics
  • June 7th  – XC 2023 (summer & fall) Athlete Interest Meeting @ EHS Cascade Gym 3:15-3:45.
  • June 7th– Virtual New Parent Meeting for XC 2023 (summer & fall) via Teams invite 7:00-7:30. Email Coach Troy for invite. tanderson@lwsd.org
  • June 12th - Summer XC Starts Meet @ EHS Matroom 3PM - 4:30PM (must be signed up thru EHS athletic). Come ready to run! Sign up via FinalForms https://ehs.lwsd.org/athletics/summer-athletics, cost is $50 sports fee to the LWSD.
  • June 20th – Summer Strength Training begins. Sign up via "Strength Training" link on www.wolvesxc.com website.
  • June 12th – July 30th – Official Summer XC Season. Meeting 5-6 days/wk for running and strength training. Tu/Th/Sa team runs. M/W/F runs + strength. Schedule on www.wolvesxc.com calendar. 
    • Mon/Wed: Team Run 10AM-11:30AM @ EHS Track. 12:00-1:00 Strength Training @ EHS (must sign up with Coach Dirk)
    • Tues/Thurs: Team Run 10AM-12PM @ Beaver Lake Park by the Lake. 
    • Friday: 9AM-10:30AM Team Run at different location each week per calendar and team email. 12:00-1:00 Strength Training @ EHS (must sign up with Coach Dirk via Strength Training link)
    • Sat: Run on your own per the workout plan or runs organized by captains. 
  • July 10-12: Eastlake XC Running Camp (overnight). Email Coach Troy if interest by May 31st.
  • July 29th – 2023 Fenrir Relay! Annual Eastlake XC team relay. More details to follow, but plan for a fun, challenging day. Must be signed up for Summer XC to participate.
  • Aug 1st - Aug 20th - Summer Training continues with the below schedule. Note: Workouts are captain led (aka Open runs with anyone invited). 
    • Mon/Wed/Fri: Open/Team Run 10AM-11:30AM @ EHS Track. 12:00-1:00 Strength Training @ EHS 
    • Tues/Thurs: Open/Team Run 10AM-12PM @ Beaver Lake Park by the Lake. 
    • Sat: Run on your own per the workout plan, or runs organized by captains.
  • August 18th - Final day to get cleared before 1st day of the season. See “how to sign up” on wolvesxc.com for sign-up requirements.
  • August 21st - First Day of Fall XC Season! XC is a no-cut Sport.
    New Runner Practice 2:30-5:30 @ EHS Matroom.
    Returning Runners 3:30-5:30 @ EHS Matroom

If you are planning to come out for XC, but won’t be able to make the first practice, please let Coach Troy know.

  • Aug 29th  – Last day to sign up for XC.

Eastlake High School
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Contact Coach Troy: tanderson@lwsd.org 

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